February 23, 2018
By TaniaRuiz BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
TaniaRuiz BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
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When I am present, a few others may see it
You feel that I am there with you
I sometimes disguise myself as one like you
When you feel that you have found me, you will see me
I will be quite surprised

You may think you found me after such a long time
I only appear only once or twice in your life
As i disguise myself as one of you, I’m still not there
An imposter is there
He is feeding you lies, and fakes every single moment
He is pretending to be me

Soon you will begin to realize it
The truth unfolding before your very eyes
You realize i was never present
You build enough strength and rid away the imposter
You will have to wait for me

I am something worth waiting for
you would give all your fortune to be with me
When i find you, you will feel my presence
I am destined to find you
I am Loyalty

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