My passion for boxing

February 22, 2018
By ElLOBO BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
ElLOBO BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Boxing is a everyday routine,
you sacrifice everything to train to become
a Champion.
People think boxing is a joke and that it's easy .
But you risk everything you have .
Everything is on the line even your life.
There’s no turning back.
Boxing can be like a little kid getting toys for christmas.
Or it can be you standing in a horrible storm.
Boxing isn't for the weak.
It's for the people who have courage and have what it takes
To step into that ring and give it all you got even if you are
Risking your life.
Even if you start bleeding even if your tired.
No matter how hard you get hit
You will keep fighting even harder
Because life doesn't stop for you
Neither will your opponent
So never give up.


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