Fake Love

February 21, 2018
By SimplyKate GOLD, Keller, Tx, Texas
SimplyKate GOLD, Keller, Tx, Texas
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Love has never been easy to find
You have to wait for it to come to you
Or it will never show up
I threw my love at people who didn’t deserve it
And I believed I didn’t deserve love
Love that wasn’t offered in the first place
Love that was made up in fairytales
Love that doesn’t exist

You can’t find love in faded blue eyes
Not in the warmth that alcohol brings
Not in the smoke that fills your lungs
Not in the buzz that fills your bones
Because alcohol will run out
Blunts will burn too far
Drugs will disappear
The boy that offered them to you will leave
Because those boys are addicts
And addicts only want their next fix
I would know

You can’t expect to be a boy’s next fix
But somehow you do
And you become addicted to Fake Love
Fake Love will break you
Fake Love will warp your perspective
On society
On your peers
On yourself

We need to teach others
Not only to love themselves from early on
But to teach them of Fake Love
Because no one should have to learn the difference between love and desire
When it’s too late

The author's comments:

Something I had to realize recently. 

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