Rays of the Sun

February 21, 2018
By kristenjwang SILVER, NY, New York
kristenjwang SILVER, NY, New York
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The thick air brushes me in warmth

still, even when 

the sun cannot bathe me in its

sensational, hot rays-

but I'm alright, I guess.

I do get envious when

my eyes are open

my head is up

facing forward,

seeing those other houses-

my neighbors' houses, 111 and 109-

enjoying the warm, gentle hugs

of the sun

while I sit here in the shade

wondering why it cannot spare

maybe even a few

of its fine, yellow beams 

for my gloomy porch-

perhaps my towering townhouse

shields the lovely star

from my view?

Or perhaps that daisy I planted yesterday in my garden

doesn't deserve the experience of life?

Or maybe, perhaps

my mother and father foolishly chose to purchase

the unlucky house, 110

that won't ever live a day not wondering

why its face cannot feel the



radiant and glorious rays

of the sun.

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