February 23, 2018
By mcarr99 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
mcarr99 BRONZE, Cascade, Iowa
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As I lay in my bed,
thoughts of my day roll through my head.
I slowly drift off to an imaginary setting
while my feet start a brutal fight with my soft, cozy bedding.
As I take a stroll through Candyland,
a towering man takes my hand.
He leads me through the colorful terrain
and tells me he will show me where the king will reign.
As we walk down Gumdrop Road
I glimpse down at where the chocolate river once flowed.
I ask about the dried up ditch
and the man informs me it was drained by King Rich.
He tells me the people of Candyland are slowly dying
ever since the river drying.
I am told I must defeat the king
and take him down with my powerful swing.
I second guess him thinking I am too weak,
“C’mon,” he says, “don’t be meek.”
“Let’s march to the castle and put up a fight.
We need to make matters in Candyland right.”
“Are you sure I can win the battle? How?
I think I need some training for now.”
“You mustn’t give up, I know you can win.
Just slap on some armor and pull up your chin.”
The man grabbed my hand as we started to run
to the castle where the king stood with a water gun.
I approached and he laughed as hard as he could,
“You think you can beat me? Oh you are misunderstood.”
He fired his gun and I swung my fist,
the king pulled back and looked at his wrist.
A scratch on his skin started to bleed.
He began to cry and started to plead.
“You can have my kingdom and everyone here.”
He ran away trembling with fear.
I looked down upon Gumdrop Road
to the site where the chocolate river once flowed.
Streams of chocolate came trickling forth
as people started cheering from the north.
I had saved Candyland once and for all,
the people were rejoicing and having a ball.
Townspeople lifted me high in the air;
however, there was one thing I was not aware.
As Candyland slowly faded away,
I knew that I could not stay.
My ears could hear the distant ring
of my alarm clock starting to ping.
I awoke with a startle, what a shame.
I never did catch that strange man’s name.

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