What is love?

February 11, 2018
By Anonymous

what is love?

love is like a ball being trapped in a glove.

hard to explain, but even harder to lose.

it makes the people that you want to love, very hard to choose.

when i found love, it made me whole again.

makes you wonder why this poem is so sad then.

truthfully love also ruined me, the way it dug into my skin.

makes you feel like everything that was good, was just thrown into a trash bin.

maybe i ruined love, because i couldn't love myself.

i made myself feel like i was the one toy that never got played with, and stayed on the shelf.

love is a very mutual kind of thing.

like one day you want to rap but the next day you want to sing

i feel like an apple, looks alright on the outside but on the inside is just a rotten old core.

kinda makes sense on why i'm laying here dead on the floor.

love made me hurt.

and now some random person is burying me underground with dirt.

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