Definition of ugly

February 11, 2018
By Anonymous


unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance.

is what i see.

when i look in the mirror, ugly is what i see.

ugly is what i see unless i am not looking at myself.

i see full potential and beauty inside your eyes
but for some reason you do not see it in mine

is it because of the way my eyes are so dull and there is no way for them to shine?

or is it because of how small i am that every time i speak you have to look down on me?

maybe it’s because when i smiled at you, you felt awkward because you didn’t not feel that sense of happiness.

well let me throw some sense at your face

let me widen my shoe, so that you can step a day inside of them

what it feels like to be ugly and insecure

you wouldn’t understand what it feels like to be ugly and insecure

let me tell you what it feels like

imagine that you are told it is a bottle of water you take a huge gulp and realize that it is vodka

and you make that ugly face

but you have to live with that face because you are not beautiful

you are in shock for the rest of your life

thinking “what did you do wrong at birth?” but you did NOTHING

so you have to live

and you have to look behind the ugliness

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