The Missing Someone

February 11, 2018
By MyraV BRONZE, Austin, Texas
MyraV BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Tears shed down a girls face
As she wonders why
Why did someone have to leave her side
Why did he have to leave so soon
Why did he have to leave this earth, forever
If only he stayed in her life longer
To do what he was meant to be, a father
He would’ve been the one walking her
To class on the first day of school
Supporting her at school concerts
Cheering her on at soccer games
He would’ve been there by her side
Doing what he was meant for
If only he wouldn't have left
Things would be different for this girl
But that someone is missing
And no one can replace it
This young girl has to move on without it
And as long as she stays in the light
This won’t bring her to the dark

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