A broken society

February 11, 2018
By hannahverrall BRONZE, East Kingston, New Hampshire
hannahverrall BRONZE, East Kingston, New Hampshire
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Last week I ran into a man. I’d say 75 years old. We paused for a second and looked at each other. Somehow, all our differences brought us together. A new coffee shop caught our eye so we decided to sit down for a while and talk. It felt like a few minutes only to count the number of hours we had been there. We talked about everything. I told him about my friends and how much I love them and he told me about his wife and how she passed away just last summer, he missed her. His emotions led me to a thought process about where I will be in this point in time.


I wish I had met the man. Instead, as I passed the same street on a lazy saturday I was staring down at this extraordinary thing they call a cell phone. A small box that means so much to us. A device that determines how cool we are and tutorials on how we can change ourselves. I saw the man. He seemed lonely. I wish I talked to him… but instead...


That small button that can be hit by the smallest children’s fingers or the oldest of them all.
It was the clarification that I was enough or not even close. It started my social status but also made me feel empty.


So why. Why I asked myself. Did I do this for myself or for the fame of society.

I was the quiet girl. The one who feared talking in front of the class and didn’t quite understand how people were so confident. I envied them.

I tried so hard to show myself as beautiful and cover all my flaws.

I feared the comments I would get on my singing voice which was what I was passionate about and worked hard for.

We are scared to show what makes us proud of ourselves in fear we will be judged for it, we can’t be judged for it. 

So Instead, I, we post pictures of our face in hopes for positive comments from our peers. Our peers who have indeed seen our face, our real face at least.

  Since when did the number of people who double tapped your newest post matter? I lead myself into the assumption that the higher amount of hearts the higher level of popularity.

Here’s a good idea..

Lets focus more on who direct messages us than the people who physically approach us to ask us how our day has been. How about that new body picture of the newest bikini model that receives millions of likes and is what every girl “strives to be like” when they’re older. We choose to zoom in on creative images rather than the men and women serving in our military to keep us safe! Just last week joe was shot right in the skull at war so we can be free but katie also just posted how much fun she’s having in Florida which is so much better right? And so that will get all the attention.

Attention. The thing we all crave. Teen depression and suicide rates are rising by the second! The bullying aspect of these so called “expressing ourselves” websites is unable to count! The internet is shaping our minds into something disgusting. Something we can’t take a break from because it is oh so addicting. An addiction that we can’t control because it has came to be a part of society. Parents are giving children electronics to teach them about life instead of teaching the lessons themselves. Instead of growing up wanting to be superwoman, or just like your parents, the children will starve themselves just to feel as though they are enough.

An emotion we all feel when the person next to us one ups everything we do leading to an everlasting competition.

Fake friends are a problem. They were one of the the things I slowly started to develop as social media started shaping my mind in to a place I never saw it going.

I thought I had a best friend...

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because I often find social media taking me away from the life I could be living.

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