Song of Splendor

February 11, 2018
By Nyxiah BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
Nyxiah BRONZE, Peoria, Illinois
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I wrap myself in melodies
Their cool, calming fingers gliding down my back
Holding me within them
I surround myself with music
Sounds that never cease their cacophonous cry
That never lose the gentleness behind their soft whisper
Void of words, they tell a story
A story of heartache
A story that envelops me with strong arms,
Never letting go
The sky parts in two as they break through it
Ribbons of cloud slicing before them as they march
I float between them
Eyes flicker as they swirl around me
The pianissimo dancing above my head
The forte racing around my back
The fermata leaving me in awe is it lingers beneath my feet
I stare ahead, fully enclosed in the living art that surrounds me
The breathing of the masterpiece
The beating of its heart
The violin pulls its last string, the last chord on the grand
It echoes
My heart an empty chamber as the melodies resound
Once bare corners now filled and bouncing with song
Beautiful and ringing, the sounds stay
The last note holding as I close my eyes
Savoring the harmonious whispers
I listen
Listen to the soft vibrato of the orchestra’s strum
Listen to the crescendo crashing into pianissimo like waters into sand
Listen to the soft beat of a drum, the pulse of the music
Listen to my heart
Listen to the poetry personified that encircles me now
Words unspoken, the beauty of solace
Surrounding me, holding me
Taking me into a world that is not my own
Here I stand
Beside the whispers, away from empty noise
Here I stand
In the music I can finally hear.

The author's comments:

Music always has and always will speak to me in a way almost nothing else, besides poetry, can. 

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Scotty said...
on Feb. 24 2018 at 11:36 am
Awesome! You are so talented!

Meish said...
on Feb. 23 2018 at 12:36 pm
I loved this poem!!! Amazing!!!

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