Love is Not of Our Own

February 11, 2018
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Love is not of our own
Our hands cannot hold it
Our eyes cannot view it
Its melody tolling in a far-off and distant land
Eyes dart as it flies
Fingers fly to grasp it
Hearts ache to feel it
...If only for a second
But love is not of our own
It is not ours to take
Not ours to control
It is free, untamed, and wild
It races past hearts unknown and sings through valleys and trees
It laughs in the face of fear and charges bravely into the field of confidence
It smiles as it breathes into the soul it desires and chooses
Love is not of our own
Watch it
Watch as it guides me through forest and plain alike
Watch as it drifts and glides into adventure and new places
Watch as it finds me, standing in awe of the stars and their life
Watch as it sees
Watch as it sees no hatred, anger, or judgement
Watch as it sees every molecule we touch as important and beautiful
Watch as it sees us, staring at the stars.
Love is not of our own
Yet we feel it
Here, now
The realm of the stars descending upon us
Reaching down
Celestial fingers brush against us
Warming our hearts
My thoughts wander
Traveling past the constellations
Lavishing the miracle called Love
As we sit here
In total silence and understanding
Finding ourselves
In a love that is not of our own.

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