February 11, 2018
By Anonymous

The lady builds with 3/32 copper.
Still standing today with confidence.
The statue is pretty fierce to still be standing.
Build on October 28,1888.
Take nine whole years to be completed.
The people who see it sense the peace.

If I am lucky enough to see even a glimpse of it.
I would be like a monkey.
Jumping up and down till I run out of air.
The lady that symbolized peace.
I am a bird. I am a wind.
Finally I grasp the meaning of being free.

I once was trapped by the cruelty of the world.
Looking hopeless and a frightened.
I was in a tunnel.
Until I saw the dazzling light.
Should I follow it?
Do I have the spirit to go?
Will it lead me to anything?
I will go anyway;
I will not wobble;
I will fight for justice;
I have an infinite love on my side;
I shall go onward;
I will not stop;
The price that they pay;
Their sacrifices;
Will not be wasted;
It is my honor to say.
I have freedom.
Because of grace.
Because of kindness.

The lady that crush oppression.
Take a step into new beginning.
France was a friend.
Who gave this as a gift.
A statue that hold 24k gold.
A goddess design by French sculptor.
Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and his friend.
Peace not for one man.
Not for one woman.
But for all people.
Equal right.
The lady represent them all.
Holding the light to show the path.
To where?
To Liberty.

The author's comments:

This peotry is inspired by the Statue of Liberty. This is not a perfect peotry, but I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

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