The Real World

February 11, 2018
By khall SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
khall SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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When I was a kid I lived in my own ocean fairytale. With perfect surfing friends who never left my side. I was shielded from the idea of the real world and lived in my own instead. These friends stayed with me for as long as I could remember. They always agreed with me, always helped me choose the right way, always used kinds words, and always loved me.

Those friends disappeared and were replaced with real people. My classmates. People with their own thoughts, their own words, their own actions. Not controlled by what should be done, but by what they wanted. These quoted friends now disagree, now do what is wrong, now call names, and disobey. No longer are they just my friends.

I was met by the real world.

All of the people around me were nothing like my ocean friends.
They were mean.
They hurt.
They laughed.
They were filled more by their own ego than with the love in their hearts. The thought of others was an impossible, unthinkable, unimportant topic.

Stop. Leave. Change. Enter.

My world was saved as I found my new safe haven to learn. I found my ocean friends again. They didn’t look like they had, but now they swam out of my mind and into my world. It wasn’t fake, it wasn’t my childish imagination. I found you again. Through all the fish in the sea, I ran back into you. 

The two of us started off slow washed away by our new environment. You were shorter than I, had blonde hair like me, and we shared everything in common. After our first year together our bond was made like it had never been broken. We were inseparable. Basically twins.

Your name is Kylie.
You are my best friend.

You are my ocean friend come true. You are the one who saved me and brought me back to our own perfect world. We promised never to leave each other because we never thought we could. Not a single word came out of our mouths without telling the other. With you at my side, no one else mattered. We were undefeatable. We were unbreakable. We were unbondable.

Until the day we had to go our separate ways. All the years we had dreamed of sharing a mansion together and having everything we dreamed of, slowly slipped away. And our biggest nightmare soon became a reality. She would go one way and I the other only to hope that our paths would one day meet.

And with my real best friend in my mind,
I was met by the real world once again.

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