To the One Who Ignores MAG

February 11, 2018
By SashaZweig SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
SashaZweig SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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I ask you to communicate
with honesty,
and never rely on implied meaning.

I say dissolving
through expression is key

to absolute inner harmony.

I want you to smash
through the wall that blocks reality,
yet for centuries,
lack of compliance prevents your triumph.

You must listen.

Listen to the waves as they crash
upon the unforgiving shores of life
while the water’s roar blends
with whistling wind
and the temptation of its whimper.

Listen like a fox
awaiting the scatter of its prey
and the corresponding promise of survival.

Listen to the mind’s music,
the complexity of people’s thoughts.

Prosperity lies in your willingness to listen.

But you refuse.
And proceed to gape at your own

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