The Blue Kite

February 10, 2018
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The kite waves gallantly overhead.

Its partner stands below,

admiring its beauty as it floats among the clouds.

Appearance means no less 

of the beauty

which this kite beholds.

The swayed ribbons that follow

will only mend to please the clouds.


The wind beckons,


the kite so peacefully.

No harm is to come 

to those who stand before the blue kite.

What a wondrous blue,

painted on by clouds that whisper

"If I will stay"

to the kite.


The wind draws the kite closer

as if to say,

"Let them wonder where the future will walk-

but they will only walk, not soar with us."

And only the kite will leave us behind.

The prediction can only be the truth

for the cloud is too beguiling to resist.


The raindrops and snowflakes



play with the kite.

Those that stare will wonder if the sun

is part of these misleading games.

For it unmaks that truth

of the dispodency

of the kite's blue.

The kite will not stop to walk with those below

who look up and wish to be part of the adventure.


The kite doesn't know how they wish to be part of the story-

the story that tells of beauty undone.

In the empty space

where its relationship with the sky fell,

there was hope of a better loyalty.

A loyalty with the sky and earth.


So help me that the blue kite will be grounded

by gravity.


Will the kite stay?

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