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February 10, 2018
By IftuA BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
IftuA BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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The world did not write me
I wrote myself into the world

Made poems from fires that have burned
Longer than I have lived
Let those fires give warmth
Without taking life

I have spoken myself into the language of the winds
Let myself be carried into a better tomorrow
Let yesterday hold its truth
Even when
I could not hold myself

Set myself where I belong
Rooted in the ground where all our pasts lie
And now
Flowers bloom in broken bones
And my condolences to those
Who wait for pieces of myself to fall into their hands

For I have fallen so long
It would be a shame not to fall into the place I belong –

We break ourselves
In hope of being fixed
By the same hands that
Led to our destruction
But we can not wait for salvation
When our only hopes are ourselves

The sun does not wait upon us to rise
It shall rise and be seen

The author's comments:

In response to my own faults that have continually prevented the full expression of my passions and abilities. This poem is a declaration that I am what I wish to be. I hope that others are able to see themselves for in the best light and believe that they are worthy of greatness. 

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