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February 10, 2018
By jlhg96 GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
jlhg96 GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Something about me
That you can notice is
My accent

I'm weird by default
But my accent make me more
Most of the time I can't express myself
and I feel bad when someone need to repeat
What I said for the people understand me

Is not like a cool accent too
I always say a word but
I said like other word and
That make me more confused
and English in general is hard for me

My accent is weird but is
Not to bad, that make me
Recognizable so easily and
My name is Jeff, that make me like a meme living
Plus my attitude help

My accent is weird honestly
But you know what
Be Weird is cool
Weird make you different
And if be weird is something stupid
I wanna be the most stupid person in the world

The author's comments:

This is better if I read, but try to think you friend that dosent speak english well read

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