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M&M and me

February 10, 2018
By jlhg96 GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
jlhg96 GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I love m&m,
I remember the first time that I try one
The feeling of the chocolate in my mouth
That was so good that I still see the colors

I love m&m
They are so many colors and
each one has a different effect
Everything can be solved with a m&m
But the people don't liked

My family is against me
They say m&m are the worst thing ever
Mom star crying and asking
Why I do bad for you to do this?
They said m&m going to kill me

Slowly is true
The abuse of m&m
Start making me worst

I started be more skinny
I cant talk like before
But that feeling is so good
That I don't care

When I was sad m&m help me
When I was mad m&m help me
When I was alone m&m help me

M&m always are with me
Until my last day

The author's comments:

Read first 

if you dont understand the concept M&M=drugs

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