The Inevitability of Love

February 10, 2018
By Anonymous

Trying to run away from the inevitable
That monster of a word that will always be able to catch up to you
At first love was gross
Romantic scenes of movies were fast forwarded through
You wish it had stayed that way but the inevitable came

When your friends put their pieces down
To commence the silly game of young love
You thought you might fall behind in the game of life
If you didn't add your piece to their game too
So you flicked it into the game
But in the foolish and naive way
You looked around at the "arena"

Your friend: nerdy, friendly, probably a decent date...
You try and try but the inevitable came

He was most likely aromantic or gay or just not into you
No matter what it took sometime
To get through your head that he'd never like you
But at last it did, and you were fine

Except that you weren't
A new piece was available
And you were centain you loved them
But the probelem came when you got too close to your dreams
Sending text after text until late into the night is all fine and good
But you Icarus-ed your way into the worst of situations
The inevitable had come again

You knew that all that happened was too good to be true
And indeed it was
And now the inevitable calls again

And again I will have to rebuild
Rethink relearn re trust

There is something inevitable about love
I will never win in the game of love
So I might as well not try to play at all
Because I know
The inevitable will just come back again

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