Stop and Smell the Roses

February 10, 2018
By Mia216 BRONZE, Brentwood, New Hampshire
Mia216 BRONZE, Brentwood, New Hampshire
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The bright beauty bursts from the ground, fighting through the grainy dirt to reach the surface and fulfil its life’s purpose- to grow.
The colorful petals flourish and peel out from the ground. The rain gently rinses the Earth from the bloom, revealing vibrant shades.
The creatures of the garden explore the new playground that the Earth gifted them.
Gazing through the blades of grass,
the flower is  a skyscraper.
The sun glints off of its highest points,
magnified until blinding by the round dew drops.
The flower twists toward the sun, which gives it fresh energy every second.
When the sun goes behind a cloud, and it begins to rain,
the flower gets the cool drink it has been aching for.
Every small, beautiful thing holds a world of light and love
If you take the time to stop and smell the roses.

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