February 9, 2018
By Olly.b BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
Olly.b BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
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Is depression the door that only opens one way? It’s almost like it traps you until your dead, and only then does it open the second direction, but it doesn't open where you entered it’s almost as if you traveled a long distance. Is depression even a real thing? Sometimes it's like a small fish in the vast ocean yet other times it is the ocean. Depression is like a bath of nails all you want to do is move and get out but you can't seem to move because when you do another nail punctures your skin. When depression finds you all you can do is run but you can't seem to escape no matter how you try. You take the meds! You you use the therapy! You do exactly what they tell you! But even then nothing works! Why does nothing ever work? They tell you “we understand” no you don't they tell you “hangout with someone get your mind off of things”. Listen to me it is not that easy!! People do not understand. Nobody understands me and how i am feeling. I know this because i do not understand how i am feeling how can you understand me? How can you understand me before i understand myself you cant you cannot understand me before i understand myself.

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this is my first time writing but i want your full critique

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