February 9, 2018
By HaileyStone BRONZE, Cornelius, North Carolina
HaileyStone BRONZE, Cornelius, North Carolina
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I wise man once told me 

All your dreams and wishes can wash away 

If only you make one bad choice


Well you see a friend is a companion

Infact they are more

They are a champion 

Who may do your chores 

Or if your bullied or confused

You know that you can count on them and never loose


But you know that they will always be true 

Even in the darkest times

No matter the color if it's white, orange, black, or blue 

A friend is worth saving, which is the point of this rhyme 


If you have only one good friend

Than that's more than fifty thousand fake friends

No matter how hard or how lonely you get

A friend will be there if you have a fit


But one bad choice and that love can be gone

And compassionate care will turn into hate 

And you won't be able to disappear like our friend Ron


So make the right choices

And in good time you'll see

Everythings better when you live in unity 


Peace and harm will come and go

But a real friend is forever

Just wanted you to know 

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