Growing Old

February 9, 2018
By SydneyLynn BRONZE, Stratham , New Hampshire
SydneyLynn BRONZE, Stratham , New Hampshire
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15. January 5th 2018, I will always remember the date, the first time freshman year I hear I'm good enough to go to a recruitment camp and tournament in Florida to raise my chances of getting a college scholarship for the sport I love.
15. We move houses again and my sister leaves us for her sophomore year and goes back to college. I make varsity basketball for my school. My dad gets a new job and things start to get better. Lacrosse is basically my life and it's what I want to go to college for. Hopefully I get a scholarship.

14. My sister decides to stay home and go to UNH.
14. We just moved and I finally think this will be our last one.
14. A huge flash flood came in and flooded our basement and ruined everything in it before we finished unpacking the boxes from the move. $10,000, sounds like a lot of money but must not be a big deal.
14. My dad gets a new job with dogs, surgery, medications and all that. He and mom seem a lot happier now.
14. Reading this email from an elite coach for lacrosse saying how it wasn’t a problem at all and how they are just really excited to have me play for them and how we don’t have to play them the expenses. Little confused what that meant but I’m sure everything will be fine.

13. Dads thinking of moving again, not really sure why but Im not allowed to buy lunch at school anymore.
13. I make this Elite lacrosse team for New England and I remember I’ve never been so excited. I also remember not being able to do it for some reason I don’t know. I guess it must’ve been too much traveling or something but I never ended up getting to do it.
13. Dad and mom keep yelling at me for asking for things they used to say yes to in the past.

12. Life's going pretty great. Mom and dad are a little on edge here and there and starting to say no to a lot of things but I guess that's’ just a part of growing up now?



9. Christmas morning arrived and I got everything I wanted.




5. My first ever clear memory I have stepping on a shattered piece of glass down in the basement.  I remember driving to the hospital. They said I was the strongest child they’ve ever seen taking them 7 Doctors and nurses to hold me down while putting the stitches in me.

4. My dad and I sat in the kitchen of our house taking some time together teaching me to tie my shoes myself. He said this is the first step to becoming independent and growing up.
It was the first time I ever remember him saying never give up in anything and when things get hard to push through.




0. Just like most parents say almost having their child coming into the big world, I hope they are strong and no matter what happens they stay that way throughout their life and follow through their dreams and accomplish anything they want to in this world.

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