Around Then

February 9, 2018
By blondie2 BRONZE, Eastlake, Ohio
blondie2 BRONZE, Eastlake, Ohio
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Around 2002, I was born.

From what I hear,

it was a cold, blizzardy night.


Around 2006, I was happy.

I was four,

young, dumb and innocent.


Around 2007, I saw a horrid sight,

that night was the clearest blur 

I think I'll ever see.


Around 2008, my custody was transferred. 

To this day, I remeber the cheetah print shirt my aunt wore

to court that day.


Around 2009, I met my best friend.

We knew eachother for a year,

but this is when I really met her.


Around 2011, I moved to Eastlake.

The first time we entered the house we ran heater to heater,

in love with the heat.


Around 2011, I was my happiest.

Everyday my friends joked,

everyday was a laugh,

everyday was fun... Until it was not


Around 2014, I stopped talking to everyone. 

Nobody noticed.

That kinda hurt.


Around 2015 I was officially one of the kids I hated.

A smart kid.

Now I only hate a few.


Around 2017, I became me again. 

I smiled so much you might think it was a picture,

plastered over my face.


Around now,

all I can do is be my best me.

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