Who Is That Girl?

February 9, 2018
By BloodyNightClaw SILVER, Owingsville, Kentucky
BloodyNightClaw SILVER, Owingsville, Kentucky
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Who is that girl?

Why are there tears streaming down her red cheeks?

Why are there dark circles under her dull eyes?

Why is she staring with a face of pointless anger and confusion?

Why is she so cruel?

Why is she such a hypocrite?

Why is she so full of hate?

Why is she so clouded by delusions?

And why is she in my mirror?

The author's comments:

I was thinking one night recently and realized some of my flaws, and this is how it felt. Denying my own fault in everything, but as I thought deeper and deeper having to face that it was me who was flawed, (The reason the last line seems confused about the mirror's reflection). 

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