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February 9, 2018
By cinaedus BRONZE, Dudley, Massachusetts
cinaedus BRONZE, Dudley, Massachusetts
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disclaimer: this has little to do with buying shirts

it has everything to do with deadlines and yield signs, however
it has to do with all this work you’ve got to do
and the three hour naps you take instead
it has to do with awkwardly washing your hands while someone cries in the bathroom ( or crying while someone washes their hands )
and people telling you not to smoke on the anniversary of the day your grandma died from lung cancer
it has to do with listening to the same four songs over and over in the same order until you can’t stand them anymore
and knowing that your dream job has a s***ty salary but loving it anyway

it has to do with this love and how you might’ve grown up with it—or maybe you didn’t
and how you might not have grown up with much love at all—or maybe you did

i guess this has a little bit to do with buying shirts
because maybe you order new ones when you get tired of the old ones
( god, who let you wear that? )
and you wait nine days for them to come in since amazon prime is kind of s***ty unless you like wasting extra money it says you won’t waste when you first sign up

maybe this has less to do with
buying shirts
how sad you might be
how loved you definitely are
and a little bit more to do with how amazon prime isn’t as cheap as you want it to be

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