The Sun And Moon

February 9, 2018
By TheGothWriter SILVER, Galena, Ohio
TheGothWriter SILVER, Galena, Ohio
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The sun and moon will collide

one Jesus decides


The stars will become one

once we are done


The rain will eventually be vain


To them,

stars mean nothing more than

twinkly things in the sky


To me, 

stars show hope,

how beautiful life can be


The Sun and Moon 

mean nothing more to them

than things that give us

day or night


To me,

they mean think and sleep

They mean beautiful, shiny

bulbs that show their

true colors once they are out.


To them, 

rain means nothing more than

water falling out of the sky

that ruins your day


To me, 

rain means God's cry

He created Earth for us,

for us to treat it well.

But look at Earth now!

It's full of cruel evil.

He created us so we could be our own people.

God cries because he is sad

because of the fact



is like


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