Too Late

February 9, 2018
By DanielK SILVER, Tirana, Other
DanielK SILVER, Tirana, Other
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I wake up one morning
The sun is shining bright
Everything is perfect
Until the day turns to night

I hear noises from under my bed
I could swear I heard something
But when I look
I see absolutely nothing

Too scared to sleep
I go out of the room
And outside the window
I see a witch flying past with her broom

So I open the window
But when I look outside
Just a tree getting blown by the wind
And with relief I sighed

I thought about getting a snack
But I was too scared to go any farther
I wasn’t even that hungry
And staying in my room would be smarter

So I go back to my room
And lie again in bed
But sleep just would not come
I kept hearing noises in my head

Finally I couldn’t wait any longer
And decided to not hide
Because I wanted to find out
What was going on outside

What I saw left me absolutely terrified
Because the noise I’d heard didn’t come from my bed
And no witch had flied by
Instead there was someone standing right behind the shed

He was wearing gray clothes
His expression was grim
And with his right hand he was holding
A gun right underneath his chin

I thought about yelling to him
And telling him that this could not be his fate
But before I could do all this
It was already too late

The author's comments:

It's not always your imagination.

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