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Twilight Hour

February 9, 2018
By Miyuki_Sama BRONZE, London, Other
Miyuki_Sama BRONZE, London, Other
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It is the twilight hour
The twilight hour,
The deadly eerie twilight hour,
The hour of which the forest glows violet
And creatures both big and small fall silent,
The hour of which a curse takes place
Leaving you in a void of empty like space,
The hour of which the wise dread
And fools unite with their dead,
The hour of which you know to stay home
But curiosity lures you out to go roam,
The hour of which the towns people all fear
Only the brave peek for they dare,
The hour of which mystery hangs in the air
And children are told to always keep near,

A beautiful lady sweeps the valley
As swift as the wind and as strong as a rally,
She is cloaked in silks of purple sky
Her hair so black you know you will die,
One look is soul sucking
One touch inflicts death
It is the twilight
She is the twilight
The deadly eerie twilight hour

The author's comments:

I hope you found this some what entertaining.
Thanks for reading!

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