It's Too Late for Me

February 8, 2018
By DS_Pepper GOLD, Currie, Florida
DS_Pepper GOLD, Currie, Florida
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Fear not.

Falling in Love… what a funny thing.
To love is to be weak.
It’s like jumping. Off a cliff. Without a rope. Onto rocks. That break you.
It’s funny cause everyone envisions it.
Finding a soul mate. Loving and being loved.
I’m not much better, I envision it too. Having a happy ending.
But when an opportunity to get serious comes up
I flip and run away.
I cut and burn it.
I run and don’t look back.
Until you came…
You took my hands. Looked into my eyes, and told me you cared.
You wouldn’t leave. You’d stay with me.
At that I turned, ready to run. But you grabbed my arm.
I was scared, it wasn’t foreign to you.
You told me I can’t live in fear. I can keep running, eventually I’d have to face it.
Soon enough I’d have to run more.
I’d be running my whole life. That’s not how you live
To live is to take risks.
To show others your heart. To trust others with your heart.
You told me you’d wait.
You would wait for my trust, for my heart, for my comfort, for my soul.
You wouldn’t push or shove.
You’d take my hand.
Tilt my face to heaven.
Hold my heart.
Remind me who I was… and who I could be.
Back off when wanted.
Dry my tears when needed.
Fit all the broken parts of me together.
Make me laugh and smile.
Care for me, and my heart.
You told me I was your fav. That you liked me a lot.
You took my face in your hands.
I stared into your beautiful green eyes as you told me these things.
Then you kissed my forehead.
It was full of patience, care, trust, and faith.
I felt my fear sweep over me, telling me to run.
You make me weak. You take down my walls.
But at the same time I felt my heart swell.
A small smile came to my lips.
And the fear became unimportant compared with feeling what you make me feel.
You took me in your arms and I felt more of my wall…deteriorate.
And the fence… start to fall apart.
I wrapped my arms around you and squeezed tight.
I buried my head in your shoulder and felt the thrill of getting close to an edge.
Do you see why it’s too late for me?
Do you see why I’m a lost cause?
I’m close to the edge. The open air is near.
I’m starting to fall. Not fast and quickly but slowly and surely.
I’d be worried of you leaving but we both know you got enough patience to wait.
The view is beautiful from here.
I can see you below me.
When I fall you’ll catch me. You stand between me and the rocks.
It is too late for me.
But for those of you behind me I got advice.
Don’t run from love. Don’t hide from him.
Loving isn’t weak… running is.
Trusting isn’t bad…Hiding is.
So don’t run. Let him care and let yourself go.
Loving can hurt. But it is beautiful.
Trusting can wound. But it is exquisite.
And above all, know that God’s in control.
He sees your heart. He sees his heart.
Let God do his thing and you do yours.
And no…your thing doesn’t include running.
It includes a whole lot of quiet. And maybe… just maybe, it’ll include love.

The author's comments:

Commas represent a short pause. Periods mean the end of a phrase and a regular sized pause. Dot Dot Dot's symblize longer pauses. This is meant to be a spoken word poem. 

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