this is me and you

February 8, 2018
By caleigh911117 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
caleigh911117 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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In the beginning we were friends,
We shared lots of fun memories
We were young and dumb
We talked and you said 3 three small words
‘’I like you’’
Those 3 small words changed everything
I now know why it’s called a trail run
Because trials turn into good and good always goes bad
The good was great, I was happy
The bad was, unspeakable, I was saddened
Over and over again I tried to keep ‘’us’’
You didn’t care anymore, you lost your feeling
Before anything I asked you not to break my heart, and you did
I told you what i’ve never told another guy
I said ‘’I loved you’’
But love had an expiration date and it was reached
Little by little
Day by day
You went away
But one day
I needed to say
‘’I’ll always love you anyway’’
Something I can never say
Because I knew for you it went away...



I guess I felt to much…

The author's comments:

this was wrote at a tough spot in my young life

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