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February 8, 2018
By Atheos21 BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
Atheos21 BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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I keep trying to stop, stop

The leaves from falling
the snow from coming
the summer from ending

But time keeps going.

I want to stay, stay in my childhood
No tearful goodbyes to old relatives ends of friendships.    
I want to keep the memories
Of childhood
Tucked in my pocket, the bruises from falling off my bike
A locket, holding a picture of the young me

Tick Tock,
Goes the clock as wings burst out the sides.
It flies away

My stomach turns, my mouth is dry
No words coming out
My body aches, my eyes go blurry
No release

We are stuck, stuck in an endless cycle
We are the hands of the clock, trapped inside
Never to go free never, allowed to take a break

Our mind has made a deal and giving a chunk of itself away to things that we can't explain.

I remember my first play, I remember my last birthday
I remember this day, everything about it.
But soon I will forget.
I will forget my first play,
My last birthday and the one before that and the one before that and the one before that until,
I can't remember anything about what seems, now,
To be everything, everything wiped from my mind


Did you know that every minute,

250 babies will be born 113 into poverty,
Bill Gates will make 22,000 while a nike worker in Vietnam
will make 1/10 of a penny,
45,000 McDonald's burgers will be eaten 18 people die from starvation,
4.2 million videos will be viewed on snapchat 2,709 smartphones are sold 15,000 songs are downloaded on itunes
105 people will die each with there own events and stories lost in

Time is a scary thing

We as humans don’t like things that we can’t control
But what we need to do more is learn how to accept those things

The beauty and simplicity of them
We can make the most of what we are given

Each Tick-Tock

Is an opportunity, opportunity
Not to stress on the time wasted and the past soon to be forgotten, but instead each minute ahead

So when you hear the next tick tock.
Spend time with the people that are here, make new relationships and buckle in for the dangerous ride that is life.

For if you fall off and get bruised

Just remember that each scar is a memento from time forgotten

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