The Rain

February 8, 2018
By LucySchene SILVER, St.Louis, Missouri
LucySchene SILVER, St.Louis, Missouri
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Most see rain
As a bleak reminder of their sorrow.
The liquid metal falling on their skin,
Creates a bitter feeling,
Deep in their soul.
No umbrella
Can shelter them
From the storm.
Little daggers hit them at every angle,
Like acid falling from the charcoal sky.
I see rain
As a beautiful being
Following the beat of its own drum.
Pit, patter
Pit, pit patter.
Drops of honey,
Slipping off my coat,
Onto the crisp earth.
Sappy, fresh and curious.
Candied drops of wonder
Falling straight from heaven.
Pit, patter
Pit, pit,

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