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mother's joy

February 8, 2018
By fayfaycollins BRONZE, Manteca, California
fayfaycollins BRONZE, Manteca, California
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I wonder if I can give her my all
ensure no one will bring you harm
Small bundle in my arms
I will catch you each time you fall

Laughter fills the house
So does a mess
Why do you keep getting undressed?
Great, she spit up on my blouse

   Middle school is rough
Mascara and boys are on your mind
I try to hold your hand and remember you are mine
Even though you don’t like me at times, I can not get enough

Teenagers are the worst
You can only do wrong
Someone sound the gong
You argue so well but you say you are unrehearsed

Goodbye, I will call each day
Your things are packed
As a matter of fact
I don’t want you so far away

She will be married tonight
She loves him, I know
Time does not move slow
I give her some marriage insight

That is who I am
I’m so joyful you are God’s lamb
Our love for you has made us gather

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