Why Can't I Be Loved Everyday

February 8, 2018
By QueenMara GOLD, Pompano Beach, Florida
QueenMara GOLD, Pompano Beach, Florida
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Baby hold on to your flowers

chocolate doesn't improve or decrease my power

what's up with that teddy bear

what do I have today but didn't or won't have in the other

it's so nice of you and i appreciate the gestures

but why can't i be loved everyday

Why do you have to wait on A Valentines Day

you surrender all for one day

while i'm sacrificing my all every single day

why out of 365 days you only take one to say

that i have a meaning,only 24hours to say that i'm beautiful

i've been so thirsty at a point that gush can't  even fertilize my heart

i don't ask for that much....chocolate,flowers,teddybear

baby,com'on why you spend that much

on stuffs that i won't value that much

all i need bae is you,and i swear on my pops life it's true

my heart isn't thanksgiving so why should it be considered for just one day

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