Just Listen

February 8, 2018
By Wesley_350 PLATINUM, Huntington, Indiana
Wesley_350 PLATINUM, Huntington, Indiana
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No matter how many
Times I apologize you never
Believe me,
Maybe you can’t,
Maybe you don’t want to;
I don’t know what one it is or if
Its even one of those.

I wish for one thing from you,
You don’t know what it
Is because you never asked
Or cared,
The thing I wish for is
Your Ears.

Why because then you would
Always have to listen to me
No matter what.

Maybe then things would
Be different, I don’t
Know because it’ll never

I remember when I was 5
And a half and you
Came home from
Overseas, I didn’t recognize
You, that kills me,
But that's not where I was
Going, where I was
Going was, you usually

Listened to me,
You trusted me,
You showed how much you loved me.

You’re a good Dad sometimes,
But no one’s perfect;
But mark my words NEVER will I EVER
Raise my kids the way I was.

My childhood is what shaped
Me, so I wouldn’t change it,
Not at all, but it won’t
Be like that for
My kids.

You, only you, were my
Inspiration and in some areas
Still are,
But now there are other
People that pick up the
Slack where you
Half-assed the job.

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