Kill Them All

January 24, 2018
By ianch831 SILVER, Winston Salem, North Carolina
ianch831 SILVER, Winston Salem, North Carolina
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Some question why I’d send my "brothers" to their death, to silence their lives and force them to draw a final breath.
I am afraid my opinion my opinion is misunderstood, and so I will explain logically as any man should.
It is foolish to fret over these wretched things, to whom the stench of sin and death clings.
Why should I feel for a man who kills and rapes women? Or for he who kills and eats his fellow men?
What of those who harm our children?
Should I care if their life should suddenly end?
They are no longer my kin, but savage beasts, and their lives do not concern me in the least.
Opponents to my view may say "can you watch a man die? Do you have the gall?"
To which I gladly say, "Kill them all"

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