January 15, 2018
By , Ventnor, NJ

It all began when you were fourteen
Your head became a battlefield
You lost the path
God forbid the world know you are vulnerable
If the world could see inside that twisted little mind of yours...
It would reject you
It would hate you
It does hate you
It would be selfish to tell your parents
It would be inconsiderate to confess to your friends
You will worry them
You will make them upset
You will scare them
And they will abandon you
Pretend you are okay
Plaster on a fake smile
Tug on a shirt with long sleeves
Keep up this persona
Keep up this illusion
You were supposed to be the girl who’s got it all together
You are hopeless
You are a lost cause
You are a waste of oxygen
You are lost
No one has noticed
Even if someone did realize you were long gone
They weren’t going to look for you
Stop talking
Stop breathing…
Bottle of pills
You take off the cap

As quick as a whisper in the wind vanishes...

You are gone...

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Life_is_hard said...
today at 6:53 pm
Wow, that was great. You got real talent
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