February 18, 2018
By Januuu BRONZE, Galle , Other
Januuu BRONZE, Galle , Other
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SHE shone so bright,too bright’s more like it,
'Twas her claiming the sky whenever she came,
Others would just twinkle,go off and on,
But oh ho ho not her,not at all

She’d twinkle not but dazzle and constantly glow,
Like a mighty fire -light galore
She spread warmth and peace,
Like a blessing,like a song,

Her we couldn't fathom into constellations no,
Believe me ive tried but cannot,
For she alone is a constellation herself,
One that changes to the beat of my heart

How is it,i wonder did she always stand out,
In a field of her own kind amass?
Her shimmer,her glow had a vocabulary of its own,
What a beautiful language to learn

Many had mistaken her for the pole star,they did,
For she pointed to no way but the right,
And even in the darkest of nights,
when even the moon  dared not shine,
You could count on her yes,
for she never ceased to shine

Not a symphony or a perfect masterpiece was she,
But a divine montage of her own imperfections,
Though somehow,just somehow in a way i know not of ,
She was miles ahead of perfection with her lovely imperfections

But then theres me this mere mortal me,
Inspired and fascinated but that very lone star,
Bounded by life and everything it holds,
Though -
All i ever wanted to do was,is,
kick away that LONE
And show her enlighten her,

for i dont think she knows,
And leave her to shine as the STAR she is…….

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