February 17, 2018
By Anonymous

What’s is fear? How can it affect someone, Fear is a feeling where you get-
Scared. Fear is when you hide under your beds and closet and hoping-
That everything will be okay. Fear is underestimated, it’s outstanding-
Fear will bring a joyful smile or a scared face.

Only thing to fear, is fear itself, Fear is a doubting thing that people-
Hope that never comes back. Fear is something that brings something-
Out of you and brings your darkest side. It brings your opposite side.
Fear brings darkness, it’s will strike hard and fast and guess what-
You will never see it coming.

Fear will take over your world, and start a new one, one that-
Will destroy everything you love in the world you once known.
Fear is a beautiful, terrible thing that makes the world for what-
It truly is. Fear makes our world pray that it’s stop, that it doesn’t-
Come to their front door steps and makes you beg for forgiveness.
Fear can only be destroy by its own fear.

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