February 16, 2018
By light_of_lutalica SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
light_of_lutalica SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
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Favorite Quote:
Laughing, crying, tumbling, mumbling.
Gotta do more, gotta be more.
Chaos screaming, chaos dreaming.
Gotta do more, gotta be more!

- Charlie Dalton (Dead Poets Society)

They cut the crown off your head
And planted her somewhere else.
She thrived without you;
So, you grew thorns to defend yourself against the cruel world.
Your spiky armor scratches my skin,
And you take a step back to watch me bleed.
You hurt others to protect yourself.
But I believe you’re not merely an antagonist.
You are instead several personalities that fused to make one.
Sweet, regal, vibrant, tough, healing—
I recognize your ability to protect society from disease
So that no one else will go through what you did.

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