part ii: healing

February 16, 2018
By benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
benndelisle GOLD, Morrisonville, New York
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i lie still,
in my pool of crimson,
the one you bled me,
and left me in,
to die and feel pain,
but i’m healing,
soaking in the blood,
like a sponge,
you can’t keep me empty for long,
i outstretch my needing hand,
and you take it,
you fondle my heart,
until it breaks again,
my trust in untrusting fingers,
whittling my will,
until it’s just another stick,
you throw in your fire,
the fire you burned me in,
the fire i long for,
the fire i love to burn in,
because i’m a friend,
who wants to help,
until im burned,
again and again,
and though im blackened,
i’ll give you my all,
because that's who i am,
broken, burned and scarred,
so fondle me,
fondle me until i feel abused,
and even then,
i’ll give you more,
because you fatten me until im full,
and make me give you my vomit,
until im empty again,
then you fill me more,
because im yours,
your rat,
your lover,
your devil,
i’m yours and not mine,
because you own me,
and a slave doesn’t touch its owner,
love me if you own me,
or set me free,
like you set me on fire,
because it’s so easy to burn,
but so hard to give,
but free me,
or simply,
kill me.

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