Dear Earth I Live Upon

February 16, 2018
By hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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Dear Earth I live upon
For help me understand why I’m so confused
Help me understand why the features that god gave me
Are not enough and never will be enough to satisfy
The male creatures that roam the hallways
Of my school
Help me understand why It’s considered funny
When men make sexist jokes
And it’s looked down upon to be a called a feminist
Help me understand why I’m afraid to go to school
When i’m having a bad hair day
Because of what society will think of me
Or maybe one day I’ll say something wrong
And my friends won't want to be friends with me anymore 
For help me become more accepting
More forgiving
And more considerate for the other human beings
That live upon this world
Because I surely can't be the only one going through this
Can I?

The author's comments:

From My Heart.

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