Ode to Takis

February 16, 2018
By JamesMcl BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
JamesMcl BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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The bright purple bag, so funky
It’s shiny silver interior, so inviting
The bright red treasure that lies inside, glowing with flavor

Like Prometheus bringing fire to mankind
My daring hand plunders the crinkly bag
And lifts the fiery blessing to my mouth

I anticipate the crunch
Followed by the stab of flavour
Savory spicy lime, oh so divine
Spreading with a heat across my tongue
Down my throat

My face perspires, my eyes tear up

Embracing the burn, I ride it out
This is the snack for those with the clout
In my happy place I sit here and savor
This superior snack and it’s spicy-sweet flavor

The author's comments:

Takis are the greatest snack, and I highly reccomend them. They are also mad spicey. My face got all sweaty when I wrote this. 

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