The wanted life

February 15, 2018
By Sydney Wayte BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Sydney Wayte BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Popularity is an enemy
It’s something everybody wants
something very few ever achieve
and yet I gave it up

I remember when I found myself in a strange place
not fitting in with the popular crowd I once knew
slowly drifting away from the gabby gossip gliding through the halls
and thank goodness I did

Popularity takes control of your mind
making every decision for you
with every step you let it take
the further you push away your old innocent self
I thought I had the dream life
all the boys talked to me
all the girls wanted to be me
and then I woke up

I realized my “friends” werent real
and they never were
I realized how awful of a person I had let popularity make me become
and I realized I had to slip away from it all

I joined drama
where I found some of my best friends
and I started sitting with new people at lunch
where I never heard another negative word about someone else

of course I still hang out with my old friends
but I keep my heart closed with a tight lock
making sure to never let popularity control me again
and you should to

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How I slipped away from popularity

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