February 20, 2018
By Diana6002 BRONZE, San Jacinto, California
Diana6002 BRONZE, San Jacinto, California
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The both of you were careless butterflies
I held you close in my hands
Trying to contain you both
Wanting to keep you forever
Both too different from each other
One bright
The other dim
It was a beautiful chaos
You shone bright before me
Providing me with warmth
Caressing my fragile skin
with your mocha colored skin
The smell of your hair was sweet as honey
Eyes which resembled chocolate chips
Your breath was like fresh coffee while
Your voice lured me in as a symphony,
Your dim appearance fluttered around me
Bringing me shade in the summer heat
You’d whisper jokes in my ear
Bringing me laughter
My nose would sniff the wooden breeze
Off of you
Light caramel eyes
Paralyzed me
A perfect harmony…
But it was all an illusion
From first glance
You both are majestic glass creatures
Without cracks or fragmentation
At a second glance though,
In deeper understanding
You both were fractured and broken
My laughter soon turned into a dark abyss
Once a bright sheet
Turned into blemishes
Rage fell upon the air
Creating a storm
A black blanket of darkness
Swept past us
Coldness shivered between you both
I tried to provide warmth
With the clutches of my small hands
But my hands were weak
And couldn’t provide shelter
For soon,
Both of you slipped out of my grasp
As easily as water
A faint memory
Brushes my senses
A faint smell
Makes me relive those moments
Of two careless butterflies
One too bright,
The other too dim...

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