I Am Scared

February 20, 2018
By RedFlags BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
RedFlags BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
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From a young age we learned that metal cylinders with triggers do not belong in schools
Yet so commonly they are found there
In the hands of a student who was thought of as a “good person”

From a young age we learned to shelter in place and stay quieter than our opinions on school lunches
Yet students are still dying in an classroom
Because of a metal cylinder being in the hands of someone who was thought of as your classmate

From a young age we were scared as we heard horror stories of kids leaving on a school bus and coming back in body bags
Yet I am still here today scared to step on the bus
Because that metal cylinder could appear and sitting still won’t keep it from being in front of me

I am scared
Yet no congressmen can hear my screams
They hear the stories and pretend to do something
Do anything because I hate seeing a gunman come into my class in daydreams

We sit and wonder on our down time in class if a metal cylinder enters where would I go before I am dead
Yet no one is reassuring me this wont happen
What is being done
I am scared

But in the meantime we will sit and shelter in place with lights turned out and voices turned off
With voices in the background screaming gun control in a solution lost
And in only minutes I will be another name read off a paper demanding someone to do something

To those who waited to long to pass a law
And to the background screams of gun control is a lost cause

To those who continued the arguement to long
Remember that I died scared
Sitting quietly in place wishing that a law could’ve been there

The author's comments:

I wanted everyone to see the situation at hand from a students eye. We are scared to go to school because of something we were taught at a young age we shouldnt have at school. We are terrified and will be until something is done. Someone do something.

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