I Never Saw It Coming

February 19, 2018
By joyyy PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
joyyy PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
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I Never Saw It Coming


Sometimes I’m hanging around
In empty town
In blue February
In sinking yellow

I kick in the old bottles
That totter unlike soccer balls
And I’m waiting for the sound
The siren
But nothing rings in this sepia imaged town

And when you open a door
And there’s nothing there,
Is there nothing there?

And then my facial muscles soften
And the bottom of my eyelids protrudes lower
And I feel the tears underneath my waterline

God where did my time go?
Where did my soul go?
And where did my handle go

When I have no time
I’m stepping up these metal stairs
That don’t lead to heaven
But god I’m crying
I’m cryin’

When’s the bottle for me


In the bits of Alaska there’s a snowfall I can’t feel



I’m hanging out on the bench in empty town

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