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February 19, 2018
By cencalgirl BRONZE, Hanford, California
cencalgirl BRONZE, Hanford, California
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I really want to ask him out.

I must give it my best shot,

but I hesitate, thinking of what will go wrong

so I stay here lost in thought.


Then I see him walking towards me; 

his joyous grin smiling wide.

I panic and freeze, unsure of what to do

so I run away and hide.


I hide behind a bush and look:

He is talking with his friends.

"Should I really do this?" I ask myself,

not knowing how this will end.


I'm afraid of what he might give me:

a bundle of distasteful words full of hate.

Then I see his friends leave

as I decide to take a leap of faith.


I walk towards him as quietly as I can,

but unfortunately I clumsily make a sound.

Then he finally notices me

as I blush while my heart constantly pounds.


We stay in an awkward bubble full of silence, 

looking eye to eye.  

Then I finally blurt out:

"My friends and I are going to the movies, do you want to come by?"


He processes what I just said,

but seems confused of what to do

until he finally replies,

"Sure, but only if it's me and you."


I'm suprised of what just happened.

He is now my valentine.

My body is in shock!

Who knew that love could be so kind?

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