The World

February 19, 2018
By Max2017800 BRONZE, Montgomery, Alabama
Max2017800 BRONZE, Montgomery, Alabama
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Life is like a rose
you can either look beautiful
or you can get hurt
life is a pain
but is defiantly no game
no matter how you see life
you must never be ashamed
your life is yours
no matter the fame
but you must not let it
go to shame
the world is in danger
because we are not good
we like to kill it
and burn all the wood
we like to pollute the air
to us its fine
but to the earth its just not fair
i been through the world
i see its truth
the stuff we do
has had it through the roof
its crying out for help
but no matter what
i always seem to fail
you see life as yours
but we kill everyone
the wars we spread
and loved ones left for dead

The author's comments:

i was just bored in class there is more if y'all want to see it just let me know in the comments if y'all do

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